About Our Team

Meet our family. The team who will take good care of you like one of our own.

Jenny Kimber

JENNY KIMBER | Founder & Lead Designer

As a serial entrepreneur, Jenny has built businesses both online and peddling wares at farmers markets. Her ability to help small businesses with their goals is what drives the bus at WebHappy.  This being her original purpose for starting the company, she will give all of her heart to finding your “why”!

Her experience in the field of computers stretches back to the days before the internet. Not to put an age on anyone, but she has seen a few things over the years. We refer to her as Jenny-Gyver around the office.

Jenny Kimber

TIM KIMBER | President & New Business Coach

Tim’s is a fascinating story! He began weightlifting at age 16 and eventually won Mr. Empire State. From there, he leapt at the opportunity to become partners with Pete Grymkowski and Ed Connors to buy the soon to be famous Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach, California. As one of the managing partners, Tim helped launch Gold’s Gym into the stratosphere…becoming the number one authority on fitness around the globe establishing over 500 worldwide Gold’s Gym Franchisees along the way. 

Some of Tim’s other accomplishments are co-authoring a number of fitness books, starring in an ABC movie of the week titled, The Hustler Of Muscle Beach, caring for his chimpanzee, Mr. Coleman (There is a book written about his experience with Mr. Coleman titled, Mr. Coleman) and he co-wrote  the song, Victim’s Of Comfort with multi Grammy winner Keb Mo. This guy’s been busy, and he’s ready to help you do the same!

Tim’s proven track record of versatility comes in handy with our broad client base and their scope of needs. He is also ready to help you find your company’s why, with many years of experience under his belt!

Jenny Kimber

EMILY BARBA | Website & Graphic Design

Our caffinated designer is ready for any challenge we put in front of her. Emily has been working under the guidance of her Mom, Jenny. This is a family affair here at WebHappy.  By starting as an intern, she has learned the ropes of both building a business AND designing the right way. The WebHappy way!

She specializes in WordPress, SamCart, and Canva and is proficient in all of the crazy back end coding stuff, too!

Jenny Kimber

MARGARET ZALABAK | Media & Marketing

Margaret, also known as the big sister and auntie, worked in the corporate world for over 20 years. After retiring early, we realized that her expertise in managing  projects and marketing would make a great asset for the WebHappy Team. While we are building and designing, Margaret is working the strings of digital marketing and getting your presence known online.

Certified in SEO and Social Media Marketing, when your site is noticed on social media or boosts up in the search engine pages, odds are it all started with this go-getter!

Let us help your buisness STAND OUT more and become successful online!